NO Changes to Tax Sale Redemption Affidavit

There is a new “urban legend” that ADOR plans to replace the current tax sale redemption affidavit procedure. The person who told me said that under the proposed new system, taxpayers could redeem by paying taxes and interest. At that point, it would be up to the investor to file some sort of petition with the probate judge’s office to obtain payment for improvements and insurance.  None of that is true. If true, it would mean a return to the old days, before the affidavits.

I just got off the phone with ADOR. They said the urban legend is just that. It is false. There are no plans to change the affidavit system. It requires redeeming taxpayers to obtain an affidavit from the investor saying no sums are due to the investor, or the investor has been paid all sums to which it is entitled.  Once the taxpayer has the certificate, it may present it to the local redemption clerk, and proceed with payment of taxes and interest and receipt of a redemption certificate.

Thanks, Jeremy, for bringing this to my attention. If anyone else has rumors they’d like checked out, please let me know.