Tax Sales Crash Course

Offered one day only.  Sunday, May 15 at Country Inn and Suites, 485 Wildwood Circle North, Homewood/Birmingham from 2 pm to 5 pm. Attend in person or live streaming video and audio on Internet, with ability to ask questions. Seating is limited, even for online attendees. Class covers tax sale investing basics for auction or state purchases, plus some of the more popular advanced strategies. Handouts will be emailed 3 days before class. $119 registration fee includes class and all materials.

Urban legends that prevent you from investing properly are DEMOLISHED in this class:

  • Take  possession and put tenant (or yourself)  in place with tax certificate, not just tax deed, keep all rents even if redeemed
  • Make repairs to property, and force owner to pay you for their value if there is a redemption
  • Include reasonable rental value of property as redemption cost if owner remains in possession and then redeems
  • Make mortgage lenders and other lien holders redeem from you before they are able to foreclose their own liens
  • Obtain insurable title without a quiet title lawsuit
  • Get your overbid refunded even without a redemption
  • Much more information; those are just the most common urban legends, above!

More information and registration links HERE.