Legislative Update: Tax Sales

SB286 (Pittman), which would reduce the tax sale interest rate from 12% to 7.5% is still in committee. With the current legislative session ending on Monday May 16, we are unlikely to see any movement on this one.

SB373 (Pittman) would require the State to auction all tax sale properties held for 5 or more years, with the auctions in July of each year.  It has been indefinitely postponed.

HB447 (Williams, Jack) would allow counties to use electronic and online methods for the annual auctions. It is still in committee.

HB207 (Ford) changes the ad valorem tax calendar, with taxes not delinquent until February 28 and the delinquency book prepared on May 1, not March 1.  This would effectively change the Spring auction season to the Summer auction season. It is still in committee.