3 Pending Tax Sale Bills in Alabama Legislature

Three tax sale bills are pending in the Alabama legislature. One seems headed to passage.

SB 373, sponsored by Senator Pittman, requires the Alabama Department of Revenue to hire an outside auctioneer and auction off all tax sale properties that have been on the state’s books for 5 years or more. The first contract is supposed to be signed by July 31, 2016, according to the Bill. Since it has not yet passed or been signed by the Governor, that deadline might be a little bit tight. Then, every five years, there will be an auction of the entire inventory. This bill has had its second reading, with 15 votes in favor and none against. There is movement towards passage.

SB 286, also introduced by Senator Pittman, reduces the tax sale redemption rate to 7.5% interest.This bill is still in committee.

HB 447, sponsored by Representative JD Williams, would authorize probate judges to use contracted services or electronic means to sell tax sale properties. It is still in committee.