Millennials HATE Voice Mail

Here is a great article about Millennials, their hatred of voicemail, and why landlords should care.

For those who might not have kept up, here is how the generations go:

  • Greatest Generation – born 1901 to 1945 and experienced WWII either as adults or children
  • Baby Boomers—born 1946 to 1975 and experienced space exploration, the Vietnam War/Cold War, and was the first modern “counterculture”
  • Generation X-born 1975 to 1985, experienced rise of mass media, end of Cold War. Also called MTV Generation and Boomerang Generation. Boomerang because they went out into the world for a short while to attend college, and then returned home to live with parents due to bad jobs market.
  • Generation Y-born 1985 to 1995, experienced rise of Information Age/Internet. Also called Millennials, Generation Why and Echo Generation
  • Generation Z—born 1995 to present, also called the Google generation

FYI, the “generations” seem to be getting a lot shorter, from 45 years for Greatest Generation to 10 years for each of the last three generations. Yes, the world is changing THAT rapidly.  It’s not that kids can’t relate to their parents, they can’t even relate to their siblings in many cases!