Fair Housing “Testing”

Did you know you can hire an independent 3rd party to “test” your employees’ compliance with Fair Housing laws, and the results are completely protected by law? In other words, nobody can ever compel you, or the testing service, to reveal the testing or the results, or the report. If you don’t have employees, the 3rd party can audit your procedures for compliance.  It has to be a third party company, though. If you ask a friend or associate to “secret shop” your employees and report the results, that is NOT protected. The statute is written so that people will have a completely safe incentive to find out any Fair Housing weaknesses, instead of keeping their heads firmly buried in the sand.

Butler Evans Education now offers Fair Housing Compliance Services.  Fees start as low as $100 for testing and a full report.  Confidentiality guaranteed!  This is a really cheap price for peace of mind, and correction of any problems with employees or procedures.

Let us know if you are interested.