Tax Sale Purchasers: Be Safe, Not Sorry

I think that all Alabama counties now follow the procedure of requiring redeeming owners to get a signed and notarized form from the tax sale investor before the county will allow administrative redemption. This procedure is still VERY new.

If you don’t know what form I’m talking about, write. I’ll send a copy to you.

In my opinion, if the redeeming owner approaches to you sign such a form, it qualifies as them making written demand on you for the value of any preservation improvements claimed by you in connection with the redemption.  If I’m right, then you will have ten days from that demand to provide your itemized charges, otherwise you will lose the right to collect the value of the preservation improvements.

If I’m wrong, then no harm done if you don’t give the notice within ten days of receiving the form. If I’m right, then a lot of people are going to get unpleasant surprises. Don’t take chances. Assume I’m right!