Landlords and Electric Service

Did you know that Alabama Power Company has a system that will allow landlords to keep the power connected after a tenant departs? This makes it easier for the landlord to clean and make any repairs, and show the unit to prospects, without having to wait for the power to be re-connected.. The landlord is not responsible for the tenant’s bill, even if the tenant’s service was disconnected. If it was disconnected, the power company will re-connect service for the landlord upon a phone call.

This is reprinted from Alabama Power Company’s website. if you have service with another provider, they might have something similar. Please check with them.  You can connect directly to the Alabama Power  web page HERE  You must have a written agreement with Alabama Power to take advantage of this service.

From the web page:.

Landlord Agreements

Information regarding establishing a Landlord Agreement with Alabama Power.

The Landlord Agreement Option is available to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners, landlords, and management companies who agree to have the electric service automatically placed in their name for billing when a tenant vacates a premise. The electric service is not disconnected and therefore, a trip is not made to reconnect service for the landlord.

The Landlord Agreement is not effective when landlords, owners, or management companies request service in their name at a premise at the same time a Landlord Agreement is requested. A trip is made to the premise to establish the initial reading on the meter and an account establishment charge is billed for each premise. This option is designed to benefit both the landlord and Alabama Power Company. The advantages are:

  • When a tenant moves out, clean-up work can begin immediately since the electric service remains connected. The landlord does not have to contact Alabama Power Company to reconnect the meter and the account establishment charge is waived. However, should the tenant be disconnected for non-pay, the landlord must call to have service restored and verify the tenant has vacated.
  • Alabama Power Company makes only one trip to obtain a reading for the stop and start of billing. The beginning meter reading for the landlord is the out reading taken for the tenant.
  • The electric service remains in the landlord’s name. Therefore, the rental unit may be shown and it also allows the new tenant time to apply for service. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that tenants apply for electric service when units are rented.
  • Requests for deletions or additions to your Landlord Agreement must be submitted in writing. A disconnect order does not constitute a request to delete a property from your Landlord Agreement.

View the Landlord Agreement HERE.