Animal Addendum to Lease

There’s a link below to my Animal Addendum for residential leases. I like it better than a “Pet” Addendum because if someone has a disability-related support animal, then “Pet” clauses don’t apply to them. My addendum has a lot of clauses intended to control the consequences of animals in leased property, whether they are pets or not.  It also has provisions to help ensure tenants are responsible animal owners. Plus, it has a built-in daily fine if people are ordered to remove animals, but fail to do so as promptly as they should.

Please feel free to use or share the Addendum. It you have suggestions that might improve it, let me know. I’ll pick out the best suggestions, re-write the Addendum, and then share the new and improved version with everybody.

Where else can you get such a great deal?  Crowd-sourcing for landlord education works great!

Download Animal Addendum