Sheriff’s Sale Class

I spoke to my instructor who was going to teach the Sheriff’s Sale class. He used to be extremely active in that area, but has been out of it for several years.  In order to get back up to speed, he called the Sheriff’s offices in the major Alabama counties. They reported a sharp decline in Sheriff’s sales, probably due to some new cash requirements placed on the lawyers who ask for the sales.  My instructor’s conclusion–the opportunities are not large enough to justify teaching classes around the state.

That being said, the opportunities are probably large enough to justify a narrated DVD that tells you how to find, research, and buy Sheriff’s sale properties.  Please look for the roll-out of that DVD, which will include periodic free webinars for live Q&A time. I’m also planning a Saturday & Sunday  investor seminar at a central location in the state, with classes on a wide variety of investing topics.  One of those topics would include Sheriff’s sales. That will probably be in early October.