More Property Inspection Software: PropertyWare

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPropertyWare provides a suite of packages for landlords and property managers. Everything integrates seamlessly and beautifully.  In the area of inspections, this means you set up tenants, contact information, and property information only once.  It is then available for leases, marketing, accounting, management, work orders AND inspections.  Of course, you have to buy all the different modules to get the full benefit.

Here are some things I really like about the PropertyWare inspection module. With some exceptions (noted below,) it will do everything SnapInspect does, plus some additional features. I wrote about SnapInspect yesterday. Click HERE to read that post.

Specifically, both SnapInspect AND PropertyWare:

  • Run on a smartphone app that synchronizes with your other files. Right now, not very many companies offer this.  Currently, PropertyWare runs only on iPhone, but they are developing an Android app they hope to have available by year end 2013.  SnapInspect runs on iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • If you are in a bad signal area, or want to conserve data usage, you can synchronize when you return to the office, using your WiFi.
  • You are given a checklist of things to check for each property, including each room and outdoor features.  Most items are in the templates, but you can also personalize.
  • The system will show notes to the inspector for that date, and notes for particular properties (example: “Be sure to check water heater for leakage, some evidence of this from last inspection.”)
  • You can take photos very easily, and they are “filed” with that particular property, and the specific room in which you took the photo.
  • Inspection reports are created automatically, and can easily be made available to owners and/or tenants.

These are some nice things that PropertyWare includes, but which are NOT AVAILABLE in SnapInspect:

  • For any inspections scheduled for a particular day, PW provides you with a map of all locations, and the most efficient order and route, to complete all inspections.
  • Tenant contact info appears on the main screen for a property, in case you need to call them for information, or they were supposed to meet you.
  • You can easily switch between regular, or high-resolution photos.  No need to eat of lots of storage if you don’t need high-res.
  • You can create work orders directly from the inspection module, and track follow up automatically.
  • Because of the integrated system, tenant and owner reports can be sent to the portals.  In case you are not familiar with such features, it is a method by which tenants or owners can go to your website, enter their username and password, and have access to a wide variety of information. Tenants might have access to their personal lease paperwork, account history and status, status of work orders, and alerts such as the need to open faucets during freezing weather.  Owners might be able to access their own accounting information, aged rent receivables, lease expirations, inspections, and work orders.  It’s all right at their fingertips, without you having to do anything additional.

These are some reasons why you might choose SnapInspect instead of PropertyWare:

  • SnapInspect runs on Android devices right now.
  • SnapInspect provides the ability for e-signature, right on your phone screen, using one’s finger-tip. That’s nice if you want tenants to sign off on inspections right then and there, instead of waiting until later.
  • PropertyWare is a property management software that includes an inspection module. You must buy the core package (at a cost of approximately $1 per unit per month, depending on size of portfolio) and then pay an ADDITIONAL 50 cents per month per unit (approximately, depending on your size) for the inspection module.  If you need only property inspection mobile software, SnapInspect will be a lot cheaper, and easier.
  • The SnapInspect people tell me they are better than PropertyWare, because they have only one focus–property inspections. They say it makes them more sensitive to user’s needs, more willing to provide customization features, and prospective about new features, rather than reactive. They say that’s why they have apps for iPhones AND ‘Droids, and esignatures, while PropertyWare is still hoping to have those features by year end.

So, people, what do you think?  Are there other options you’d like me to look at?