Inspection Software for Landlords

ImageI just checked out a trial version of SnapInspect.  It’s property inspection software for move-ins, move-outs, and any other inspections.  It is cloud-based, with an app that runs on your smart phone.

You set up your properties, including types and numbers of rooms and interior or exterior features. The software includes a list of things you should check, but you can also customize.  During the inspection, you simply go through the checklist on your smart phone, clicking on Yes or No for things like “Clean” and “Undamaged” and “Working.”  The list for a bedroom includes Doors & Locks, Walls & Ceiling, Floor/Coverings, Windows & Locks/Blinds/Curtains, Lights & Power Points and Built-ins/Mirrors. You can add more items.  Each item includes a space for comments, and you can take photos and videos.

The property manager and the tenant can both sign on-screen, using a finger to write their signature.

All information is then synched to the cloud. It can be accessed from your computer, or your phone. You can generate reports immediately, and send them to owners or repair people.  You have a complete and automatic paper trail, and can track inspection trends for properties over time.  Once an inspection is completed, you can schedule a follow-up for a particular item, or to re-inspect the entire property. The software reminds you when it is time.

Pricing depends on the number of users and number of properties, and runs from $49 per month to $239 per month. The $49 level has limited features, though. For the things most people want, the prices really start at $79 per month. That allows you two users, and 300 properties. There is a 14-day free trial period so you can play with it and see what you think.

Is anybody using this software? What do you think? If you are not using it, what do you think, anyway, about the features and the pricing?