Fee-Based Income Expected to Increase in Real Estate Brokerage

The Inman News’ Research Report on “Work and Pay in 2011” is out. For the first time ever, some of the results are available at no charge. The free portion of the report is a series of charts that do a great job of showing a wide variety of compensation related issues for real estate agents and brokers.

I was particularly interested in the survey result regarding fee-based income.  According to Inman, a whopping 36% of the people polled believe that fee-based income will increase over the next five years.

I’ve thought for years that if we are going to develop as a true profession, and if we are going to survive in a world of discount and online brokerage, we better start re-thinking our avenues of compensation.  Does a lawyer give away anything for free? Does a doctor?  Does your dog groomer?  Why do we give away EVERYTHING for free unless we receive a commission if/when a property sells?  If this topic interests you, please let me know and I’ll expore it more fully.  Also, please click one of the “Share” buttons at the bottom, and let’s get more people involved in this discussion.

To read the Inman News free portion of their report, click HERE.