“Accidental Landlords” Present Opportunities

According to Zillow, 25% of survey respondents with plans to move in the next three years would also consider renting out their current home rather than selling.  This group is called “accidental landlords.”

As a real estate professional, are you:

  1. Ready with rental rate information that could help a reluctant buyer decide to buy a new home and lease out their old one?
  2. Prepared to discuss this option with a reluctant seller, who might list if they had a “Plan B” in case their home did not sell?
  3. Set up to broker tenant prospects and charge a fair fee for the service?  Fees typically range from one to two months’ rent.  It’s “small money” but it adds up pretty quickly.
  4. Open to the idea of starting a single-family property management business that will generate year-round steady income?  People have to live somewhere, don’t they?  If they aren’t buying homes, they are renting something.  Who is managing all that business?

Post a comment, and tell me what would keep you from taking advantage of the “accidental landlord” demographic group.  Maybe we can get a good discussion going and suggest solutions that would allow you to move forward into this area.