Alabama Evictions and Ejectments

I don’t ordinarily use this Blog to recommend particular people, but I know there’s a crying need for inexpensive and efficient evictions and ejectments.  Recently someone recommended Sarah Taggart to me for some legal advice.  She’s in Huntsville, but she provides services all over the state of Alabama.  I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and focused.  The ONLY thing Sarah does is landlord/tenant law, representing landlords.  That specialization lets her be a real expert, and keep her prices down.

Sarah spends much of her time with evictions and ejectments in courts from one end of the state to the other. Eviction gets rid of tenants.  Ejectment gets rid of owners (and their personal property) after a foreclosure or tax sale.  Sarah gave me the advice I used in a prior blog–use ejectment to be safe when a foreclosed owner leaves behind personal property.

She also has a “new landlord” package that consists of a one-hour meeting with an overview of things you need to know, and a package of forms including a lease and some other documents.  Please give her a call if you need her service, or if you’d like the quick legal education about landlording, and a good package of forms.  I’m not going to tell you her prices, because then this will sound like a real commercial. BUT, don’t be embarrassed to ask her up front, “What do you charge?”  She’ll tell you, and many services are a flat rate rather than an hourly fee. Sarah’s website is